South Park S21:E1: “White People Renovating Houses”

Pop Culture Uncovered

It feels like something was fundamentally off with the season 21 premiere of South Park. Or maybe something’s fundamentally wrong with us, and South Park just can’t deliver what it used to in 2017’s shattered America.

South Park has always lived on the edge of American culture, assembling disparate elements of pop, politics, and media to assemble them into a hilarious commentary on the state of things as they are. When the show brings its A-game, it makes us take a good, long look at what we’re forcing ourselves into, and then throws in a gratuitous death or scatalogical joke and then makes us laugh at the whole thing. Take the instance from not too many years ago, where the town became obsessed with shopping at Whole Foods, and simultaneously worked in charity shaming and put Randy through absurd lengths to reject giving a dollar to the poor.

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