Who Are The Order of the Ancients?

Pop Culture Uncovered

There are a lot of video game developers out there who really know how to tease new stuff, and in my opinion, Ubisoft is one of the best. They have a real knack for giving just enough content in a teaser to get their fans’ attention, and build hype.

That skill really comes into play with the recent teaser that the company released to whet the appetites of gamers for the Order of the Ancients trailer, which is due to be released soon for Assassins Creed Origins.

Templar Trailer Tease

Based on what we can deduce here, the four masked characters featured in this trailer most likely belong to (or entirely make up) The Order of the Ancients. This group (also known as the Egyptian Rite of the Templars), according to AC lore, is a precursor to the more modern Templar Order, and they operated throughout the Egyptian empire since the…

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