Review Brew: Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye #12

Pop Culture Uncovered

Writer: Jon Rivera and Gerard Way
Artist: Michael Avon Oeming
Colors: Nick Filardi
Letters: Clem Robins
Covers: Michael Avon Oeming & Nick Filardi; Rosemary Valero-O’Connell
Editor: Molly Mahan
Publisher: DC Comics

Mazra: Princess of Muldroog, Scientist, Adventurer, Wife and Mother, has been the true focal point of the entirety of Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye. Every single person in the book, be it enemies or allies, friends or family, was deeply touched by her life and her death. For some she was an inspiration: to be better, to try or learn something new, to live outside of the confines of who you’re supposed to be. For others she was a turning point: her death unleashing their darker sides, things they held back or didn’t acknowledge (even to themselves) coming out in force and leading to unimaginable pain and horror. For Cave and Chloe Mazra’s life and death, while…

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