TV Brew: Mr. Robot – eps3.1_undo.gz

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Mr. Robot usually enjoys a good curveball or two from the get-go, a shuffling of the deck a little bit, but killing off a major character in the second episode is flipping the table over. This episode was a mixed bag in more ways than one. The prologue was pitch-perfect with Elliot having to sell himself on the idea of changing Evil Corp from within instead of his earlier resolve to stand in its ruins. While it does drill in how Elliot is trying very, very hard to lie to himself and assuage his own guilt, it makes for a pretty interesting story in the early-going with Evil Corp (or I guess ECorp again?) being purged of its negative elements. However time runs out and, unfortunately, so do the major positives of this episode.

The show hits the brakes hard pretty early on with a choice to kill off one…

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