Brian Bendis at DC: What’s Next?

Pop Culture Uncovered

As anyone with an eye towards the comic book world has seen by now, Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of characters like Miles Morales, Jessica Jones, and Riri Williams, is leaving Marvel after seventeen years to join DC Comics under an exclusive deal. It’s one of the biggest pieces of comics news of the year, and the implications are astonishing given the breadth and impact of Bendis’ work at Marvel. To say that his disappearance will be felt is an understatement. But the thing that interests me today is what is it that Bendis brings to the table at DC, and what he can do there that he can’t at Marvel.

Currently DC has been undergoing a creative resurgence with DC Rebirth that’s seen an attempt to restore a lot of what the New 52 broke, as well as a great deal of experimentation with its output. This has included…

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