TV Brew: The Exorcist S2E6: “Darling Nikki”

Pop Culture Uncovered

Yowza! What an episode.

There’s not a lot new here in terms of theme and plot development. The Demon that’s working into Andy’s heart is following the same pattern we’ve come to figure out at this point: it operates by pain, then pleasure, then pain again. Andy’s heart continues to ache over his dead wife, so unsurprisingly, it takes on a distorted version of her form in order to offer something back to him. Aaaaaaand it’s going to eventually twist him into killing his entire family, because that’s what the demon(s) on this remote Pacific Northwest island have been doing for decades.

Where “Darling Nikki” has a lot of fun is in the collision of the natural and the supernatural: what we Catholics call “the seen and unseen.” Religion is funny in that it believes in a higher realm of existence which operates above in or parallel to…

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