TV Brew – Supernatural: The Road Ahead

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Television is a difficult medium to sustain for a handful of seasons, let alone in perpetuity. More often than not, the longer a series goes, the harder it is to keep arcs running and plot threads dangling in a way that manages to stay true to characters and themes alike. In the case of Supernatural, creators have literally mined heaven and hell for ways to expand the Winchesters’ universe and gradually expound upon the core conflicts that keep the boys fighting the good fight against the stuff of nightmares. As is to be expected, there have been snags to get to where we are now, villains that didn’t take off quite as well as their predecessors, supporting cast members who may have been better left un-murdered in a bathtub, and maybe a few twists that should have been turns. But for the most part, the series has managed…

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