Review Brew: Elements of Light 1 & 2

We tried.

Pop Culture Uncovered

Elements of Light (Issues #1 & #2)
Writer: Tyrone Selby
Artist: Krishna & Balram Banajeree
Publisher: Spark-Flow Studios, LLC

“Verum is a world far beyond and far different from our own. A harsh terrain where the seas foam with monstrous leviathins. where the forests grow wild into the crystalline skies, and the deserts harbor great kingdoms inhabited by vibrant, hostile races of creatures and peoples.”

Thus began the description we were given for Elements of Light, an independent comic by writer & creator Tyrone Selby.

In a world where magic exists and can do everything from cure disease to eradicate armies, we were hoping to be treated to a vibrant and fun read, with exciting visuals and a compelling story.

What we got was…not that. That being the case, I’ll just share with you my thoughts and those of the rest of the management team here at PCU…

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