Review Brew – Zoe VS the Green Flashes

Pop Culture Uncovered

Writers: Raquel Whiting Gilmer & Yvonne Wilkins
Illustrator: Joel Ignacio
Publisher: Awesome Perfectly Me Girls

Zoe vs the Green Flashes is a comic in the Awesome Perfectly Me Girls comic series. The series centers on Zoe, a young girl who has had self-esteem issues caused by mean girls and bullies in her class. She has found a way to overcome those feelings and now tries to pass on those notions of empowerment. Little does she know, not only is she a young lady deserving love and respect, but she is a superhero as well!

Zoe vs the Green Flashes begins on a summer day at the beach. Zoe is feeling great about herself and her cute new swimsuit. She greets some girls from her class, but gets upset when she realizes that they are making fun of Abby, another classmate who does not have a skinny frame like the mean…

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