In Memoriam: Sean Connery

Pop Culture Uncovered

You have to admire a man who knows when it is time to call it a career.

Sir Sean Connery is the definitive James Bond. Every iteration has their actor who played the role and some are more beloved than others (poor George Lazenby), but every person who ever wore the tuxedo was compared to Connery and was found to be lacking at something. And while he played other roles and did them well he was both defined and in some ways trapped by the legacy of Ian Fleming.

What some don’t know is that Connery made a conscious choice to stop acting years ago. If you look at his IMDb page you’ll see his last credit is 2012. That was his decision. Sean Connery famously turned down the role of Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and The Architect in The Matrix (there are rumors he also…

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