PCU Zeitgeist – White Savior: DEIA Hero

After the most recent election, this is on point…

Pop Culture Uncovered

a guest post by Drew Heles

I recently attended a Diversity training workshop at my job. It included a presentation slide that offered to teach me how I (as a white, cisgender, male-identifying person) might use my privilege for good. The image for the slide was of the Justice League looking, well, heroic. I will admit to you that it didn’t (super-heroically) land with me at the time, but in reviewing the presentation in order to provide feedback to the trainer, it really helped bring into focus some of my thoughts about the notion of allyship.

I must pause here to also admit that my critique of allyship is, like the Justice League image itself, best described as a “derivative work.” It is my effort to more fully internalize and express my own inflection on ideas that have been offered to me primarily by Black intellectuals in numerous keynotes, articles…

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