AV Brew: ‘Sandman’ Casts Death & Desire, and the Internet Trolls Flip Out

It’s almost as if bigots have never read #Sandman, or literally ANY #Gaiman book, and are just giving performative outrage…

Pop Culture Uncovered

Friends, by now many of us know that the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s metaphysical graphic novel series Sandman is coming to Netflix. Those of us who have been following the project are also aware of the fact that the show has nailed down much of its core cast… And herein lies the butthurt of many a basement-dwelling, gatekeeping, bigoted troglodyte, who has seemingly never cracked the cover of a Gaiman book.

There are seven of these core characters. The Endless, as they are known, are: Dream, Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Delirium/Delight and Destruction.

Recently, it was revealed that the character of Desire would be played by nonbinary actor Mason Alexander Park, and that the character of Death would be played by Kirby Howell-Baptiste – an actress of color. Apparently, some of these mental marvels who are whining in their tattered tighty-whities don’t comprehend that these are personifications of intangible…

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