A/V Brew: The Walking Dead – From Comic to Show (Season 1)

Brook takes a look back at #TheWalkingDead Season One and how the season adapts the comic!

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The Walking Dead is heading towards the end of its television run, even as the producers continue various television spin-offs. It’s been a long run these past 11 seasons, yet we’ve endured just like our protagonists.

As we look back at the entire show, those familiar with the comics can see how the show differed, for good or ill. But not everyone is as aware of the stories that inspired the show and what made it into the series.

So, in honor of the end of the journey (at least on the main show), it’s time to explore The Walking Dead, from the comics to television.

This article is the first of eleven, each one analyzing a TV show season and how it matches the comics. Without further ado, let’s begin with the beginning and Season One.


Season One was likely the first and only time…

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