A/V Brew: The Walking Dead – From Comic to Show (Season 2)

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As we await the finale of The Walking Dead, we continue to look back at how the comic was adapted to the screen.

Last time, we discussed Season One, which was close to a beat-for-beat translation, barring some changes to the timeline and characters. The pacing was also excellent, even with the additional filler.

In this second article (of eleven), we discuss Season Two, what some think was when things took a turn for the worse. Although ratings and viewers remained high, it was after this season that things began to drop.

One thing to remember was that Season Two had a brand new crew due to the situation with Frank Darabont. Consulting producer Glen Mazzara took over with new writers and ideas.

Unfortunately, regardless of opinions of Darabont’s behavior, it was apparent that Mazzara’s approach didn’t work.


Season Two’s timeline was the most significant deviation…

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