A little about me…


Thank you for coming to hang out at The Fort! Home of #Fake_Buck, #Fake_Bark, #FooFu; #DiscoNinja and #RazorClaw and of course, me!

Here you’ll find my musings on comics, movies, television shows and life, not necessarily in that order. I’m not known for my tact but I am known for my enthusiasm for all things geek so if you want to stop by and hang, feel free!

You’ll also find a growing list of organic products. I started making these things years ago, when I became a godmother and realized that my home was in no way ready for me to watch a tiny human, and with encouragement from #Fake_Buck, The Mominator, The Ramunas and The Lady S, decided to start selling them.

Making these things is a natural part of my life, no puns intended, and frankly relaxing and I love that so many others enjoy them as well. You can find the full product line linked at the top of the page.

Hope to see you around The Fort!



She's coming for you....
Disco Ninja She’s everywhere!


Razor Claw!
Razor Claw Reporting for duty at The Fort




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