A/V Brew – “Echoes” of Deafness in Disney+ Hawkeye

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The latest MCU television series is now on its third episode with the aptly titled “Echoes.” Although the series started well below its predecessors’ popularity, the introduction of Alaqua Cox as Echo marked an essential point in deaf and disabled representation.

Echo (Maya Lopez) is a deaf, Native American antagonist-turned-hero in the comics, primarily associated with Daredevil. The choice to cast a deaf, Native American in the role was applauded by many, and Cox proved herself despite her lack of previous experience.

However, some people have questioned whether Hawkeye has accurately represented the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (D/HH) experience, even with this casting. Although many of us in the community are happy, we also have some criticisms of the show.

The first? The show’s inclusion of Hawkeye’s deafness came as a shock, despite being comic accurate since the ’80s.

In the decade of the first three phases of the MCU…

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